Sunday, May 23, 2010

We have had a very cool, damp spring here in Vacaville. Daytime temperatures are still in the low 70s Fahrenheit (22ºC), and in the high 40s (8ºC) in the early morning. I tried to till my daughter, Elaine's, back yard in mid April, but it was too wet. The soil is a heavy clay, and it is hard to catch it at the right moisture content for tilling. I didn't get the garden planted until 8 May; a month later than usual. Corn, beans, cucumbers, melons. squash basil, and cilantro came up thick last week. We will have to thin the corn soon. The okra seed didn't germinate, and some of the tomato plants look like they may die because we over watered them. I will probably have to replace at least two of them. I don't expect to have sweet corn to eat until late July.

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