Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday 15 May 2010
Bruce T, Bruce H, Kim Fondrk, Paul E and I paddled our kayaks from the Yankee Jim Road bridge over the north fork of the American River to the Ponderosa Road bridge. The shuttle was almost as exciting as the paddle. Bright and extensive displays of wildflowers were continuously in view from Ponderosa Road. There were fewer but different wildflowers along Yankee Jim Road. I was particularly impressed by the display of Indian Pink on the uphill side of Yankee Jim Road near where the pavement ends. The flow of 1700 cfs created some great surfing spots. Both Kim and I caught the wave at surf city and rode it for as long as we wanted. We found several other good surfing spots, and I was able to get a great stern squirt toward the end of the run.I have posted more photos of kayaking Shirttail Canyon run on the NF American River at Picasa, and you can read more about the day at whitewater kayaking on the Shirttail run North Fork American River.


brthomas said...

Maybe the flowers in your picture are Silene laciniata ssp. californica.

El Remaro said...

I think you are right. I used an older name Silene californica.