Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday 25 April 2010
After breakfast we left my Honda Civic Hybrid at the campsite and drove Bob's Toyota pickup to the trail head. Bob showed me some pictographs and a ruin on top of a ridge with great views of the surrounding country. The ruin may have been a lookout or guard station, and the occupants warned their people of impending attacks. My legs started cramping about 1530. We filtered water, After resting for an hour I was able to resume hiking. We tried to climb out of the canyon on the left, but could not get out. We hiked for another hour. When we stopped to inspect another ruin, I discovered that I did not have my camera, so we began looking for a place to camp. We were well short of where Bob had planned to camp. He was bothered that we were camping on the floor of the windy canyon where cold air collected rather than on the top or a thermal belt where the cold would drain off of the campsite. Bob explored the ruins while I stretched and massaged my legs and wrote notes.

You can see more photos of this trip at Picasa.

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