Sunday, May 09, 2010

Saturday 1 May 2010

I made potato pancakes with the mashed potatoes left over from supper. I added garlic powder and onion salt. Harold fried 4 slices of his favorite thick sliced bacon. I fried my potato pancakes in the bacon grease. I thanked Harold and Helen for their hospitality and bid them farewell and about 0800. I took some photos at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and got gasoline and coffee in Wendover, Nevada. I was getting sleepy, so I took a nap in Battle Mountain. I didn’t drive far before I felt sleepy again, so I got a room at the Pyrenees motel in Winnemucca. I had supper at the Winnemucca Hotel, a historic business where they serve Basque boarding house style meals. When I entered the hotel I noticed that the dining room was empty. There were three people sitting at a table in the bar and one person at the bar. I took a bar stool. Mike, the owner/bartender, said to me, “I hope you aren’t going to interrogate me.” Not being easily intimidated, I said “Yes, I do have a few questions; the first and most important being are you serving dinner tonight. He said, “Yes, seating begins at 6:15”, and looking at his watch said “That’s now.” I was followed into the dining room by everyone that had been in the bar. I joined two brothers and their mother for supper. They were on their way home to Nebraska after visiting relatives in Sacramento, California. After supper I visited with Mike until he closed the place. Mike is an interesting, if challenging, person to visit with.

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