Sunday, May 09, 2010

Friday 30 April 2010.
There is a fresh cover of snow on everything this morning. It is about 2 inches thick. Harold got up and joined me in the kitchen while I was heating water for tea and oatmeal. He made me a bowl of 7 grain cereal sweetened with a very special honey. Many years ago Harold’s brother-in-law, Leo Eves, had given him a large container of dark honey from Newcastle, UT. Harold still had some left, and I used it to sweeten my 7 grain cereal. I knew Leo well as he and my cousin Virginia had visited my parents several times when I was a child in Selma, California, so the honey brought back many memories.

I arrived at Elizabeth’s house about 0845. She drove up a couple of minutes later. Her house is a red brick building that stands out among the mostly white houses of this Salt Lake City neighborhood. I showed her my web site. We added some information about her and her sisters. Her boyfriend wanted some information about his deceased sister, and I quickly found her birth, marriage, and death information. Elizabeth was very excited. I followed Elizabeth to the Family History Center where we worked until noon trying to identify the parents and siblings of my great grandmother, Joanna Petty Hardwick Teel. We had free access to numerous web sites and the help of experienced genealogists. Elizabeth left for work at noon. After lunch I returned for a couple of hours.

On the way back to Harold and Helen’s, I stopped at Cabela’s, a large outdoor equipment store and museum. Geese are flying over the entry; glass display cases usually reserved for merchandise contained mounted birds and mammals in dioramas of their native habitat. There is a large mountain in the middle of the store covered with mounted animals. There is a large room dedicated to North American wildlife, and another with large aquaria containing North American fishes. The store also has the largest display of firearms I have seen anywhere. It is worth a visit.

Harold and Helen had a supper of chicken, mashed potatoes, and green salad waiting for me when I returned at 1800. After supper Harold and I looked through a large album of family photos he had gotten from his sister Louise. Most of them I had not seen before. I urged him to have Elizabeth scan them and distribute them to all interested family members.

You can see more photos of this trip at Picasa.

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